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Inga Telmann
Central Management, Sales Office
Phone: +49 271 89038 0

Jana Adlung
Central Management
Phone: +49 271 89038 0


Birlenbacher Str. 18
57078 Siegen

Phone: +49 271 890 38 0
Fax: +49 271 890 38 99


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Gerlinde Comisel
Manager Sales Support
+49 271 89038 14

Sibylle Blöchl
GIB Academy
+49 271 89038 53

Deborah Mailinger
Sales Office, Apprenticeship Supervisor
+49 271 89038 25

Katharina Briese
Sales Office
+49 271 89038 18

Bilgin Kilic
Manager Field Sales
+49 271 89038 0

Mario Ferrarese
Regional Sales Leader
+49 271 89038 0

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